What is Stress


1. A physiologic reaction by an organism to an uncomfortable or unfamiliar physical or psychological stimulus. Biological changes result from stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system, including a heightened state of alertness, anxiety, increased heart rate, and sweating.
2. The stimulus or circumstance causing such a reaction.

Stress is the hidden killer in today's world – by controlling it with the alphabiotic alignment process we allow people to live: PAIN FREE; WITH MORE ENERGY AND IMPROVED HEALTH!



We have so much stress in today's world that it is causing an innate reaction within our bodies as if we were facing a life threatening situation. This response is know as “fight or flight”. Most have heard of it, but are not aware that they are living in this state continuously (24-7)! This ongoing state of emergency has caused our bodies to go “out-of-balance”, physically and energetically! This state of imbalance is disrupting the flow of life within us and creating all types of pain an malfunction. The end result - disease. Your body begins screaming at you, but you don't know what it's trying to say. Your aren't aware of the fact that you are out-of-balance and don't understand the resulting effects.


First of all, there are three types of stress – physical, chemical, and emotional. The levels of stress have increased in the world exponentially over the past few decades. Driving automobiles is one of the major stress factors in our lives today, but add to that the physical and emotional stress factors of working with others and dealing with family and economic problems and you have enough stress in your life to kill most people at an early age. Along with those factors we have also created a wide variety of chemical toxins and poisons that we must deal with. Toxins in the air we breath, the water we drink and the food we eat are the straws that break the camel's back!

Like I said earlier all of the factors generate a fight or flight response within the system. When this occurs the power that is emitted by our brain to control, regulate and coordinate all bodily functions is then focused on the muscles controlled by that hemisphere and commands those muscles to contract in preparation for fight or flight – to save your life! After the danger passes, the power should equalize again and balance should be restored. This is not occurring in today's world. We enter this mode at a very early age and the STRESS IS ONGOING AND PERVASIVE. WE MAINTAIN THAT EMERGENCY STRAND-BY MODE THE REST OF OUR LIVES!

This continuous command to contract the muscles on one side of our body causes the hip to be pulled up and the leg to appear shorter on that side creating and maintaining a state of “IMBALANCE”, both physically and energetically! This disrupts the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid and causes numerous short-circuits in the neurological system. Once this state is established, your health begins diminishing, like going down a flight of spiraling stairs – each year you have less energy and more pain and disease.


The good thing is that there exists a process that can reverse this downward spiral and return a person to a profound state of balance once again. By accomplishing this, the flow of life within a person is restored and the body can begin to make repairs and heal itself like it was designed to do.

This process is called the Alphabiotic Alignment, and although it is not a common household word as it should be, it has proven to create miracles in some and improve the quality of life in everyone that gets involved. It will eliminate pain, increase energy and restore health in the vast majority of people that receive an alignment regularly.

Alphabiotiics is a holistic, hands-on, alternative health care philosophy of life and living that gently and naturally restores the body's energetic and physical balance. Subsequently allowing it to function properly once again on all levels. It reverses the negative effects of STRESS , and with regular maintenance, prevents the body from returning to the “fight or flight” response and the imbalance it generates. Symptoms just melt away like ice on a warm day once the inner healing powers are allowed to flow once again. After numerous decades of study and observation, there is nothing on the planet more important than restoring and maintaining your balance. It is the “health secret” of our century. Don't miss the opportunity to receive the Alphabiotic Alignment process, it must be experienced in order to be fully understood.